Our Team

Meet the Solemen staff and volunteers

Jero Mangku Made Ariawan

Robert Epstone
Co Founder

Sarah Chapman
Head of Outreach

Adeline Ong
Head of Finance & Operations

Beat Schmidt de Gruneck
Co Founder

Tamara Bleszynski

Gavin Cole
Volunteer Fundraiser

Jero Mangku Yulia Mallo
Fundraising Assistant

Yuvi Astika
Deputy Outreach Team Leader

Dika Triono
Outreach Assistant

Dedi Murniawan
Outreach Assistant

Kadek Numiana
Outreach Assistant

Ayu Wirmayanti
Outreach Administration

Dr Gipsy
Volunteer Doctor

Dr Nova
Volunteer Doctor

Augustine Waas
Administration and Finance

Chris Papilaya
Administration and IT

Nengah Wage

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