Our Team

Meet the Solemen staff and volunteers

Jero Mangku Made Ariawan
Jero Mangku Made Ariawan is a well respected politician and Hindu priest in Bali. He is extremely passionate about supporting and protecting Balinese culture and it’s people.

Robert Epstone
British Entrepreneur and Philanthropist, Robert co-founded of Yayasan Solemen Indonesia alongside Beat Schmidt de Gruneck. Robert is a past ‘Rotarian of the Year’ who is now passionately focussed along with his team of dedicated humanitarians to facilitate sustainable development in the Community across the whole of Bali.

Sarah Chapman
Head of Outreach
Sarah is a UK qualified nurse with 28-years experience working in NHS hospitals. Sarah co-founded the Outreach programme at Solemen in 2012.

Adeline Ong
Head of Finance & Operations

Adeline has been volunteering with Solemen since 2014. As one of the Head of Divisions of the charity, she together with founders Robert and Sarah make up the management and executive office of the organisation.

Beat Schmidt de Gruneck
Beat Schmidt de Gruneck, once a Swiss Merchant Marine and a passionate sailor. In 2011 he co-founded Solemen with Robert Epstone and together completed their first 535km barefoot walk around Bali to raise awareness for the disadvantaged in Bali.

Made Mangku Pastika
Governor of Bali & Pelindung (Patron) of Solemen.
Mr Made Mangku Pastika has been the Governor of Bali since 2008 and is a highly respected member of the Balinese community. Mr Made Mangku Pastika personally endorses Yayasan Solemen Indonesia and became Solemen’s official Pelingdung in 2014.

Tamara Blenszynski
Indonesian actress and model, has been generously donating her time, energy and much needed supplies to Solmen’s ‘Solebuddies’ since 2015. The support from her and her followers has been invaluable to Solemen.


Augustine Waas
Administration & Finance Officer
Augustine is a fastidious worker who is responsible for financial transactions various revenue donation and expenses for Solemen. She manages all accounts, payroll, inventory merchandise, processes and monitors Legal documents for Solemen as well as handling import documents for Wheelchair For Kids donations.

Prihanika Sari
Personal Assistant of Robert Epstone
Sari manages and organises administrative and database support for Founder, Robert Epstone. She completes tasks professionally and ensures that office activities run smoothly and are well prepared, including liaising with the Solemen team, founder, and clients, such as donors.

Chris Papilaya
Administration & IT Officer
Chris is responsible for managing IT services at Solemen. This includes the Solemen website, social media, back end office applications, and maintaining electronic devices such as computers, laptops, printers and cell phones.

Nengah Wage
Nengah works alongside the administration team to ensure that all donations are received and couriers merchandise and Solemen supplies across Bali. He is also responsible for maintenance and upkeep of Solemen office.


Ayu Wirmayanti
Outreach Administration Officer
Ayu organises and coordinates all outreach activities. Her responsibilities range from, but are certainly not limited to, booking doctor’s appointments, conducting outreach administration and organising donation. Ayu is an integral and invaluable member of the outreach team.

Yuvi Astika
Deputy Outreach Team Leader
Yuvi is a kind and very charming person. He joined our team in 2014.
He is the right-hand man of Sarah Chapman, who is the Head of Outreach. He is responsible for conducting assessments, visiting ‘Solebuddies’ as well as collecting data and photographs of ‘Solebuddies’. He is extremely caring and treats all our ‘Solebuddies’ with dignity.

Dika Triono
Outreach Assistant
Dika has been with Solemen for 2-years. He is responsible for accompanying all ‘Solebuddies’ to Sanglah Hospital for treatments. Dika is highly capable and extremely compassionate. He accompanies and cares for all ‘Solebuddies’ without any complaints.

Dedi Murniawan
Outreach Assistant
Dedi is responsible for accompanying all ‘Solebuddies’ to Sanglah Hospital for treatments. He is very capable and experienced.

Kadek Numiana
Outreach Assistant
Kadek is responsible for dropping off and picking up ‘Solebuddies’. He spends everyday in the field. He is a kind and friendly person and handles all ‘Solebuddies’ with respect.

Sukri Hamdi
Solemen House Caretaker
Sukri ensures the smooth running and upkeep of the Solemen House. His job helps to reduce some of the stresses ‘Solebuddies’ and their families experience during difficult times.


Dr Nova Aula
Nova is a general practitioner who began volunteering with Solemen in May 2016. Nova is energetic, enthusiastic and passionate to be able to help Solemen’s ‘Solebuddies’.

Gavin Cole
After moving out of the corporate world, Gavin has found he now has the time and opportunity to give back to the Indonesian Community. He is passionate and committed to the Solemen cause and the opportunity to change lives for the better. Gavin enjoys communicating The Solemen story, networking with people and assisting with creating sustainable fundraising.

Danielle van Laar
After travelling through Asia, Danielle fell in love with Bali and approached Solemen for the position as Fundraising Manager. Danielle loves being a part of the “amazing and devoted” Solemen team. Danielle and the team’s passion allow Solemen to grow and care for our ‘Solebuddies’.