Baby Ketut Kariada

We met baby Ketut as a newborn baby in his village of Karangasem. He was severely dehydrated, losing weight, had a swollen head and facial deformities including a cleft palate and lip. His parents were distraught and are at a loss as to what to do to help their son. He had no birth certificate so free health care was impossible to access. We immediately arranged for him to be assessed at Sanglah by a multi-disciplinary team including Paediatricians, Neurosurgeon, Plastic Surgeons, Andrology. Solemen crew supported throughout and a simple room plus food allowance was provided. His Hydrocephalus was the most urgent need and required immediate surgery to insert a shunt to drain the excess fluid built up in his brain. The surgery was successfully performed.
The next step is to repair his cleft lip. He has been admitted twice but surgery was cancelled due to acute fevers. Ongoing he will need this cleft palate repair and other plastic surgery. We also fear he may be deaf and sight impaired. This will be assessed more comprehensively when he is slightly older.

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