I Komang Eka Dwipayana

We were alerted to the plight of 11 year old Komang Eka (Right) by a concerned reside who informed us he was begging on the streets of Ubud and had a skin condition. We eventually located him and a very sad scenario was revealed. One of the 7 children, which 6 are living with his widowed mom who struggles to make ends meet by working at a local laundry. The youngest sibling has been adopted by a family friend. Komang presented as a very sad child. His skin condition was caused by mosquito bites scars.

The family lives lives in dirty squalid conditions with a leaky roof, no kitchen facilities and 7 people sleeping in 1 bedroom on dirty, urine soaked mattresses. The team cleaned the house, bought new mattresses and bedding and the children were given clean clothing. The next step is to repair the leaking roof, make a kitchen area and convert the unused room (currently housing the family dog and her puppies) into another bedroom. All the rooms will be painted.

Ongoing we will ensure Komang and any siblings who require, will receive sponsorships for school. We also hope that mom can develop a skill which she can use to earn sufficient income to support her family needs.

Komang used to spend the day begging and at night playing in internet cafes, he rarely returned home and never attended school due to bullying. Understandably his mom is very concerned about his current state and future. She too appeared depressed and his siblings aged from 4 to 15 were also very subdued.

We chatted with Komang who explained that he was very sad since his father died and had been bullied at school which made him afraid of re-attend. We coaxed him to sleep at home checked he was. He also started to attend school again and despite a few obstacles, he is now enjoying a better quality of life.

To gain his confidence and trust, we have accompanied him and his family on trips outing to the beach and they enjoyed a recent Solemen Funday.

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