Luh Merta


On one of Solemen Outreach team’s long daily trips, they came upon frail, seventy seven year old Ibu Luh Merta. Ibu Luh’s son is currently away in Australia so she’s being cared for by other family members at the moment.

Ibu Luh is suffering severe weight loss and right now only weighs in at just 35kgs because she doesn’t feel like eating or drinking. A few months ago Ibu Luh had a fall and after much convincing from her family because she adamantly didn’t want to go, they managed to take her to hospital, which isn’t an easy trip as they live so remotely.

But that’s not all. Unfortunately, Ibu Luh has recently been diagnosed with TB (Tuberculosis) and is receiving medication. All her family members and visitors including Outreach team must wear masks and gloves as TB is highly contagious. Solemen Outreach will provide her with as much support and comfort to ensure she suffers minimally from here on end.

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Current Needs and Costs

  • Medical help
  • General Support

Our Achievements

  • Initial assessment
  • Provided nutritional supplements
  • Provided tender loving care
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