Luh Sriani


Two and a half year old Luh Sriani is sweet little girl living five hours away from central Bali with her doting parents and adopted sister. The family of four live in a tiny room under extremely poor conditions on land that isn’t theirs. They had to sell the land they once owned to survive and currently have to utilize their neighbor’s toilet.

Little Luh suffers from delayed development. She has no strength in her muscles which stops her from having the ability to sit or roll on her own. She can’t speak however her sweet voice can be heard babbling away. Luh didn’t start smiling until she was six months old and currently doesn’t have the ability to hold or grasp onto things. Because the tiny tot has no muscle strength, she’s also unable to hold her own head up. Her doting parents must support her neck when carrying her everywhere.

Solemen volunteer Doctor, Gipsy Ayu joined the Outreach team to assist with an on the spot assessment. While in this particular village, a local approached and asked whether the team could assist and check on little Luh. The next step for Luh is to ensure an initial general medical assessment to determine the help Solemen can offer her to ensure she gets to live a more comfortable life.

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Current Needs and Costs

  • Medical help
  • General Support

Our Achievements

  • Initial assessment
  • Provided nutritional supplements (Milk SGM/Pediasure)
  • Provided tender loving care

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