Meet our Solebuddies

helping the disadvantaged in Bali

Below is a cross section of our Solebuddies. Not all  Solebuddies are listed due to the severity or sensitive nature of their condition and many wish to remain confidential.

  • Gusti

    Age: 39 Condition: Quadriplegic Gusti unfortunately fell from a coconut tree and is now paralyzed from his neck down

  • I Nengah Patri

    Age: 59 Condition: Stroke Twelve years ago, Nengah had suffered from severe ulcers in his stomach followed by a stroke six years later that has left him disabled and unable to function properly.

  • Ibu Nengah Masna

    Age: 85 Condition: Elder Ibu Nengah is an eighty five year old elderly lady who has served a full life for her family.

  • Kadek Aditya

    Age: 4 Condition: Cerebral Palsy This is a condition marked by impaired muscle coordination (spastic paralysis) and/or other disabilities, typically caused by damage to the brain before or at birth.

  • Ketut Dendi

    Age: – Condition: Mental Illness Ketut was originally chained up by his hands after he had shown signs of aggression to the local community.

  • Ketut Resi

    Age: – Condition: Paralysed and burn victim Ketut Resi is a paraplegic and depressed lady, who broke her back many years ago. She has sensory impairment in her limbs and suffered a scalding hot water burn on her foot recently.

  • Komang Pait

    Age: 19 Condition: Cerebral Palsy Komang has been laying on his back for 19 years due to Cerebral Palsy. While his family have tried to get him assistance, the usual result is usually quite unsatisfactory and with minimal funds, this poises as a major issue.

  • I Made Lonoyasa

    Age: 33 Condition: Paralysis Made sustained a spinal fracture when he fell 15m from a coconut tree six and a half years ago. His fracture was stabilized with a metal pin at Sanglah hospital but he has been left a paraplegic and is suffering from depression.

  • Made Suartana

    Age: 43 Condition: Mental illness and caged ‘Caged’ Made (pronounced Mar-Day) Suartana is a 43 year old Balinese man living in a homemade cell since early 2012. The cell/cage is attached to the house he previously called home.

  • SOLE0070-profile-MadeSusila

    Made Susila

    Age: 16 Condition: Cerebral Palsy Made Susila from Gianyar is a 16 year old boy who suffers from Cerebral palsy. He spends his life lying on his bed where he watches TV most of the time and he’s unable to sit up.

  • Putu Mahendra

    Age: 10 Condition: Hydrocephalus Gede is severely disabled. His head is misshaped and he has suspected Hydrocephalus

  • Gede Ferdinana

    Age: 10 Condition: Hydrocephalus Gede is severely disabled. His head is misshaped and he has suspected Hydrocephalus

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