Sometimes people ask which charities to support in Bali…This is one of the absolute ‘diamonds’…Sarah Chapman and Robert Epstone do the most remarkable work – and so much of it is ‘hands on’. This organisation is world class – whatever you feel you can give, small or large, will always be appreciated too.

Liz Hayes

Solemen Indonesia post almost daily they show photos of what they’re doing, they show where the money is going, they show their gratitude for the people who have donated, they are totally transparent. I need all the help they can get. They specialize in medical help which cost thousands and thousands of dollars for specialized surgery and Hospital situation. They distribute food, clothing, medical assistance, wheelchairs, everything that’s needed the most and they document everything. You can trust this organization with every cent that you donate to go to exactly where it’s intended to.

Jo-an Torres

I have followed you guys for a while on social media and really appreciate the way you recognize people and companies who work with you in one way another

Rezika Martdhania, Director of Bali First Responder

“How can the Sudarsana Family ever thank you enough. Ibu has suffered such pain with these nasty infected ulcers. You and your team brought miracle to her and her family. Until Solemen team came to visit, the family was terrified of all hospitals. Nurse Sarah Chapman presented such a convincing rational explanation for the need of a hospital visit that tomorrow, the family will take Ibu for an X-ray. Thank you so much for one of your team being at the hospital to guide the family through the necessary procedures. There were a lot of tears in that room today, all of gratitude and relief. Such kindness is a beautiful thing to see. Please keep up your good work.”

Pamela Tibbs

“I think Soleman is one of the greatest organizations I’ve known
of…it’s my dream to start my own foundation, something I am working very hard toward everyday, so I really admire you and your team…”

Olivia Canning, Melbourne

Solemen’s extraordinary actions have reminded us of the presence of unfortunate people amidst Bali’s glittering tourism industry. Congratulations for Robert Epstone and team for your tremendous works!”

Desy Nurhayati, Journalist, Jakarta Post

“Solemen are one of the most popular and respected charities in Bali”

John Daniels, Editor, Bali Update

“The Solemen team are truly amazing and the beautiful children are so blessed to have you  in their lives. You are all making such a difference in so many lives…”

Jan Mancini, Donor &  member of Menshed Perth

Working with the Bali based Solemen is one of our key community activities – we are very proud of the great work they do”

Peter Brampton, General Manager, The Stones Hotel – Autograph Collection – by Marriott

“It’s fantastic to be able as an Australian to see all the terrific work done by this highly motivated charity. I currently run and operate businesses in Bali and also Australia and it’s such an honor to recommend them.”

Bradley Griffiths, Owner Apple X Enterprizes Pty Ltd

“Thank you so much for your great work, we support you”

Agung Yuniartha, Director of Bali Government Tourism Office

“We are proud to promote to our Australian audience the ‘Solemen’ charity and their wonderful help for the disadvantaged in Bali”

Gordon O’Byrne, Radio Presenter 6IX Perth Radio

“Many times I have published and made the articles of what Solemen do for helping the  people who stay in Bali. So I will do all my best for you and support of Solemen. With all my  best regards and may our God bless Solemen always”

Djoko Moeljono Senior Editor, Bali  Tribune

“Your extraordinary commitment to raising awareness to help the poor and homeless children  in Indonesia is a perfect example of how a few men and women can make a tremendous  impact on people’s lives”

Rotary International Head Office, Chicago, USA

“I am honoured to follow Solemen’s lead and happy to donate my time and do more for this  wonderfully refreshing cause”

David Murrell, Documentary Film Director, National  Geographic

Mangku Made Pastika, Governor of Bali

Ibu Putu Agus 

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