Take Time to be Kind
Mangku Made Pastika – Governor of Bali, endorsement of Solemen
October 2014 by Adithio Noviello
Director of Bali Government Tourism Office endorsement of Solemen
March 2017
Solemen’s partnership with great role model ‘Bali Dynasty Resort’ demonstrating how a hotel is doing, and can so easily do, so much for the disadvantaged in Bali. Providing together an outstanding sustainable contribution to the community while the hotel also secures more great goodwill with their guests
Solemen New Year 2017 message
Solemen’s short animated video (English)
Indonesian version animated video with Solemen Ambassador Tamara Bleszynski’s voice over
Short Solebuddy Thank you appeal by Sam Stonehill
Williamson Family an inspiration
‘Solebuddy’ #1 by Sam Stonehill
‘Solebuddy’#2 by Sam Stonehill
By Peter Williams