Few tourists are aware that Bali has a staggering poverty rate, and malnutrition is rampant in some of the more remote communities. Nationwide, 50% of Indonesia’s 260 million people live on less than $2 a day. More than 28% of children are underweight; 44% are facing stunted growth.

Many of our families are unable to afford even the most basic food necessities and are severely malnourished. And education is secondary to putting food on the table resulting in many children not being able to attend school.

You can change this and be a part of the solution. Your monthly sponsorship will make a difference in the lives of these families and children

Nobody should endure hunger. Every child has the right to succeed through education.

FOOD PARCELS for families, monthly cost IDR 800K – approx. AUD 80

HIGH PROTEIN MILK for children and adults, monthly cost IDR 30M – approx. AUD 3K

MEDICAL CARE, equipment and medication


‘ONE OFF’ special cases such as house renovations, basic household necessities such as toilets and wells

Your gift will change lives

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