Funday for the Solebuddies at Hard Rock Hotel Kuta

Funday for the Solebuddies at Hard Rock Hotel Kuta
January 6, 2020 Adeline Ong

HardRock Hotel Kuta is one of Solemen’s biggest sponsors. With their multiple pools and fun arears, the hotel is perfect for families who want their kids to enjoy a lot of activities, games and entertainment. It is of course also the perfect hotel for musiclovers. That is why one’s a year Solemen celebrate their ‘Funday’ at Hard Rock Hotel Kuta. It is a day full of fun for the young Solebuddies. This year on Friday 22 of November Hard Rock Hotel organized a great day full of waterfun by the pool, delicious food, games and a band for some music.

The young Solebuddies of all ages have a great time playing in the pool. They laugh, play and seem to live totally in the moment. That’s what the Solemen’s Funday is for. It’s for our Solebuddies to have some pure fun and forget about their diseases. On this day their diseases do not count for a moment. At least, that’s what Solemen wants to achieve on the Funday.

The great employees and caregivers of Solemen all work together to make sure that each of the Solebuddies are having a great time and are taking care of. Also all of the parents are invited and are helping where needed. After playing for hours in the pool, HardRock’s band Nu Color, starts to play all of the latest hits. While enjoying some great food and music the young Solebuddies are having a great time.

The Solebuddies who Solemen takes care of in their recovery centre, are visiting hospitals often. That is why Solemen finds it very important to make sure that they have the opportunity to forget about their hospital visits and their physical disabilities and feel like a regular child who can have as much fun as possible. That is why the annual Funday is so important to us. We want to thank The HardRock Hotel for making this possible and making sure that our Solebuddies had an unforgettable day! It wouldn’t be the same without Hard Rock Hotel.



Written by: Roselyn van den Berg


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