Made Suartana


‘Caged’ Made (pronounced Mar-Day) Suartana is a 43 year old Balinese man living in a homemade cell since early 2012.  The cell/cage is attached to the house he previously called home.  Made has a history of mental illness and was unable to access adequate healthcare services.  He had occasionally had aggressive behavior  in an attempt to get coffee and cigarettes – his way of calming down – from neighbors.   Being afraid of Made, and not realizing there were other options to deal with his condition, the community were forced to lock him in a barren cage.

When we first met Made, he was lying huddled and naked in the corner of his bare and dirty cell, bereft of any dignity.  He had access to food, running water or a working toilet, his living conditions were shocking to say the least.  There was an overwhelming stench of urine and faces.

Made had no medical treatment and no little access to the outside world.  He had lice in his hair, hallucinating and was extremely malnourished as well as another serious health problem which would later require surgery.

Made’s two teenage sons have been living this nightmare with their dad, at a loss for what to do.  The sadness in their eyes is heartbreaking to say the least.  They’re unable to live in the adjacent house as it’s in total disrepair disrepair.  Because of their dad’s condition they both have been bullied at school to the point of having to leave school permanently.  His Sons Made Jr. and Wayan both care deeply about their dad and want the best for him.

We met him in early 2014 after a kind supporter alerted us to his situation.  Almost everyone had given up on this on this poor guy but Solemen has vowed to turn his life around and started our long and dedicated journey with Made and his boys.

Knowing the long road ahead of us, bringing this caged man back to health will be a slow process, but each step has brought him one step closer.

Working with our friends at the Suryani Institute, medication was prescribed and Made receives a monthly injection.  His condition has now massively improved as a result.  Made is now making jokes, singing songs and is far less distressed.  He’s now able to spend time outside of the cage in the company of his sons, attending to the garden and keeping things clean.

His room has been cleaned, a toilet installed and running water provided with new pump.  Bed and linen have also provided to make things a little more comfortable for him rather than sleeping on the cold concrete floor.  He now has a bean bag, guitar, TV and a radio to follow his old hobbies.

Made’s favorite thing to do is visit the beach Solemen’s Outreach crew and have lunch at the local restaurants.

It’s been a slow but fulfilling process, conquering each step one at a time to help rehabilitate and bring hope back into the eyes of a forgotten man.

Whilst Made is now a different person than who we met in early 2014, the sad fact is he is still in his cage when he isn’t supervised.  As the adjoining house is falling apart, his sons can’t live there with him.

Made now completely freed from the cage and able to live normally in his new house!

Our Achievements

  • Providing Made with regular time out of the cage.
  • Taken him to the beach
  • Provided him with a TV, Radio and Guitar
  • Initial assessment and public appeal
  • Doctor’s assessments
  • Psychiatric assessments
  • The Suryani Institute for Mental Health assistance psychiatric care and medication
  • New pump has been purchased and installed to provide running water
  • The barred room that Made lives in has been cleaned, sanitised and furnished with Bed and bean bag
  • Took Made to hospital for a serious medical condition requiring surgery
  • Basic short term food supply and support costs for Made and family





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